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Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir

Name Elsibet Ulfarsdottir

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 27
Birthdate 7/18/3076
Birthplace Siler, Zeta Lyman, Placidus (BACA569-14)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color dirty blonde
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Works out enough that her muscles are toned. Keeps hair cut above shoulder length, and it tends to curl into an unruly heap.

Clothing: Generally wears combat boots, cargo pants and low boots. Will wear more traditional Nordic clothing when dressing up--thigh-length tunics and trews.

Tattoos: has an armband of Nordic runes on her left upper arm with Tyr's rune the most prominently displayed.


Father Ulfar Bjornsson
Mother Ragna Sigardsdottir
Brother(s) Hrothgar Ulfarsson - 2 years younger
Sister(s) Bis Ulfarsdottir - deceased (4 years younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Conflict: jobs aren’t easy to come by when operating in unregulated sectors.

Epiphany: love doesn't always conquer all.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: undying loyalty, desire to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Weaknesses: the same since both strengths lead her into situations she should avoid.
Ambitions She wants to live her own life free of regulations, to have her family
around her, to make a living in space. She wants to make enough money to keep the ship flying and her people happy.

Personal History 3076 - born in Valhalla enclave of Placidus, oldest of three siblings. Brother Hrothgar is two years younger, and sister Bis died at two from illness.

3093 - enlisted in the Zeta Lyman Sector Navy, Officer Candidate School.

3094 - parents died in a boating accident. Her brother enlisted into the Zeta Lyman Sector Navy as a grunt.

3098 - met Bennie Takahashi aboard the ZLN Fulcanelli. Carried on a fling with her until her transfer to Azha in 3099.

Service Record 3092 - attended flight school prior to enlisting in the military to get a leg up when inducted. (pilot, ship's boat, navigation)

3093 - joined the Zeta Lyman Sector Navy. Officer Candidate School,
commissioned as an ensign. (handgun combat, ship tactics, navigation 2)

3094 - Command duty strike force on Nola D888 (D888479-6.) Civil unrest and war
had been going on for two decades there. Decorated for valor, promoted to junior lieutenant. (navigation 3)

3095 - Command duty patrol. Easy job. (navigation 4)

3096 - Intelligence School where she learned the ins and outs of less-than-legal methods to do her job, promoted to lieutenant. (forgery, handgun combat 2, bribery, pilot 2)

3097 - Reenlisted. Entered Command College. (ship tactics 2, fleet tactics, leader 1)

3098 - Patrol, promoted to lieutenant commander, stationed with Bennie Takahashi on the ZLN Fulcanelli. (navigation 4)

3099 - Shore duty on Azha (CAA8899-5) - boring...

3100 - Strike force on Iyapa (E613200-8), turned sour, brother seriously
wounded there. She didn't think the Navy gave him enough to
compensate for the shit he went through, terminated service. (pilot 3)

She hired on as navigator for Adolpho Bercini aboard Freya's Tears.

3101 - Bennie contacts her, having terminated service herself and looking for work. Els vouched for her to be hired as medic.

3102 - Capt Bercini died of natural causes in the middle of a delicate charter contract negotiation. She looked like she had the most leadership credentials of anyone on the crew, and was railroaded into impersonating a captain. Since she did well enough, she has remained in charge and Capt Bercini has 'retired' to Sadal Suud (A68A975-13.) Brought both her brother, Hrothgar, and their Navy buddy, Robb Pasqual, to the ship.


3103 - (Freya’s Tears) - Hired to transport bio material to CG Hamilton R&D labs. Mechanical issues compromise a low berth and it’s discovered their cargo is children, not cloned material. Attempt to break contract results in a face off with a CGH war ship. Medic (Els’s girlfriend) Bennie Takahashi and Gunner Robb Pasqual mutiny and flee with the shuttle. Before FT could ram CGH, a Chadwick militia ship arrived to assist. CGH ship destroyed, FT crew heroes, ship is patched up and they reach for the sky.

3103 - (Ginunngagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Special Assignments: Command Strike Force Duty, Nola D888 (D888479-6)

Awards and Decorations: Decorated for valor, 3094 - Nola D888 (D888479-6)

Equipment Qualified On: Ship’s Boat, Handguns

Pay Scale: 10% crew cut + 10% captain’s cut