Freya's Tears

Pilot Austin Hafiz

Name Austin Hafiz

Position Ace

Rank Pilot

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 41
Birthdate 8/25/3062
Birthplace Siler, Zeta Lyman, Bliss (B7A9430-8)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Wears his hair long and in dreadlocks, clean-shaven, intense hazel eyes, major short man's disease going on

Clothing: after 20 years in the Bliss Navy, he's pretty laid back about clothing. Half dressed is the rule of the day, barefoot, loose sweatpants and not much else

Scars: laser scars along abdomen from 3082, further laser scars along right shoulder from 3095.

Tattoos: 'Strike Force Jihad' on upper left arm with company logo.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Austin's apathetic, sarcastic and holds a general detachment toward anyone and anything. He's a hermit forced to live with other people in order to attain his one true love--flying a ship. If he had a single-man flyer and absolutely no need to ever speak to another human being, he'd be in nirvana.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: his piloting skills are legendary.

Weaknesses: he portrays a complete lack of social skills, not because of mental illness but due to total apathy of what's going on around him. Dumping him into a situation that requires him engaging with people is the worst thing that can happen to him.
Ambitions He loves to fly, lives to be in the pilot's seat. He's never a short man when he's flying.
Hobbies & Interests His obsession is flying. When not in the pilot's chair, he's in his quarters--playing holovid games and shows, reading books, and dreaming about flying.

Personal History 3062 - born on Bliss (B7A9430-8), an over-populated oligarchy.
Troublemakers are routinely drugged to the gills and everyone is happy.
Service Record 3080 - enlisted in the Bliss Navy at eighteen as a space hand recruit. (pilot-2)

3081 - received commission to ensign, and attended Officer Command
School. (leader, bribery, pilot-3)

3082 - involved in a siege at an anarchist enclave. Barely survived a laser injury to the abdomen. (laser gun combat)

3083 - attended training classes. (navigation)

3084 - reenlisted, stationed on board a boat to patrol Bliss. (navigation-2)

3085 - placed in command of patrol boat and hated it. (pilot-4)

3086 - requested further training just to get away from commanding a ship. Spent the year pissing off classes, didn't learn much. (bribery-2)

3087 - placed in command again, this time a shore duty. It was worse since he had to deal with more people than the crew of a ship.

3088 - despite disgruntlement and an increasing desire to become a hermit, he reenlisted for third term. He was placed in command dealing with a seige of seditionists. (pilot-5)

3089 - remained at seige until seditionists were starved out, decorated for valor. (pilot-6)

3090 - in command of military strike force on small moon, promoted to lieutenant junior grade (no longer being Bliss Navy's oldest ensign.) Decorated for bravery. (navigation-3)

3091 - stuck once more on orbital patrol. (pilot-7)

3092 - with nothing better in the offing, he reenlisted and continued on patrol.

3093 - placed in command of a class at a training outpost. And he thought patrol boats were boring... (ship's boat)

3094 - continued class training. (ship tactics)

3095 - involved with a strike force against anarchists. Received laser injuries along his right shoulder. Decorated for wounds received in
defense of country, promoted to lieutenant. (electronics)

3096 - reenlisted, further training while recuperating from wounds received the previous year. (pilot-8)

3097 - shore duty, boring--no flying involved!

3098 - command training, not much more exciting. (pilot-9)

3099 - placed in command of patrol, nothing happened. (laser gun combat-2)

3100 - unable to take the chance of getting promoted into higher levels of authority, he mustered out with $110,000, blade-1, and high passage anywhere. He hopped a scout trader called Freya's Tears en route to Sadal Suud (A68A975-13,) the pleasure planet. Ended up becoming its pilot.

3101 - flew Freya's Tears hither and yon, picked up a new navigator from Placidus (BACA569-14) - Els Ulfarsdottir.

3102 - Capt Adolpho Bercini died of natural causes in the middle of
delegate charter contract negotiations. Having had enough of command, Austin refused to take over, thereby making Els do the deed.


3103 - (Freya’s Tears) - Hired to transport bio material to CG Hamilton R&D labs. Mechanical issues compromise a low berth and it’s discovered their cargo is children, not cloned material. Attempt to break contract results in a face off with a CGH war ship. Medic (Els’s girlfriend) Bennie Takahashi and Gunner Robb Pasqual mutiny and flee with the shuttle. Before FT could ram CGH, a Chadwick militia ship arrived to assist. CGH ship destroyed, FT crew heroes, ship is patched up and they reach for the sky.

3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Special Assignments:
* 3088-89 - siege of seditionists,
* 3090 - commanded strike force on small moon,
* 3095 - part of strike force against anarchists

Awards and Decorations:
* 3089 - for Valor,
* 3090 - for Bravery,
* 3095 - bravery under fire in 3095

Equipment Qualified On: Ship's Boat, laser guns, blade

Pay Scale: $5,600/mth + 20% crew cut