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Second Kasli Holt

Name Kasli Holt

Position Second In Command

Rank Second

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 27
Birthdate 5/19/3076
Birthplace Siler, Theta Paine, Wakan Tanka (A4639D9-17)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs.
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description Keeps her hair long with bangs, normally pulled back into a pony-tail, dark complexion indicative of an American Indian genetic background.

Clothing: wears natural colored leathers--trousers (right thigh worn from wearing a holster,) laced knee high moccasins, sleeveless vests with quilled and painted adornments, usually an Indian choker, fringes, etc.

Scarification: upper left arm has chief petty officer stripes; shoulders have scars from a successfully completed Sun Dance.

Tattoos: four red feathers with black spines tattooed beneath her right eye


Title Baroness

Personality & Traits

General Overview Conflict: the need to take it slow with Els, allowing Els space without giving her the chance to flee.

Epiphany: it's worth the wait.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: loyalty to her ship and crew, love of Els. Perfectly capable of taking care of herself in any volatile situation.

Weaknesses: her loyalty and love can be used against her.
Ambitions She wants to be free (a trait she shares with her captain,) to live someplace where there are no regulations, no laws, no religious fervor. To see the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Weapons of any sort, though she focuses mostly on guns. Owns an extensive collection of weaponry and, unless planetary regulations forbid them, she can be counted on to have at least three weapons on her person at any given time.

Personal History 3076 - born on Siler, Theta Paine, Wakan Tanka (A4639D9-17), eldest of two girls. Father (Ice Holt) was leader of his people and she was to follow in his place.

3085 - younger sister, Camilla is born, killing their mother in childbirth.
Their father never recovers from the loss.

3091 - disaster hits her clan, killing everyone but her and a handful of
others. The planetary spiritual leaders decided that their people weren't pious enough toward the spirits, and institute a series of more and more draconian measures to "appease" them. She spends the next year hiding in the underground of disaffected peoples, gaining information and a false identity.
Service Record 3092 - using the false identity to get off planet, she promptly lies about her age and enlists in the Siler Republic Confederated Space Navy as a crewman recruit. (gunnery-1, computer-1)

3093 - member of a strike force against democratic rebels on Theta Paine, Jinggau (A457242-13,) promoted to crewman apprentice. (gunnery-2)

3094 - member of patrol in subsector Eta Tenoch, promoted to crewman. (carousing-1)

3095 - member of a strike force against Confederation seditionists Eta Tenoch, Alverad (A678643-7,) promoted to petty officer, 3rd class. (gunner-3)

3096 - reenlisted, member of siege force on Eta Lyman, Iyapa (E613200-8,) promoted to petty officer, 2nd class. (zero g combat-1)

3097 - sent out on patrol, assisted with plague victims from Eta Lyman,
Lafayette (B564300-12,) witnessed a medical officer (Bennie Takahashi) treating patients like cannon fodder and became disgusted with her, saved the life of a general via emergency transfusion, received a commendation, promoted to petty officer, 1st class. (gunnery-4)

3098 - sent out on patrol in a peaceful area of space. Received gunnery experience during fleet exercises. (gunnery-5)

3099 - trained at gunnery school at Vishnu (A480599-12,) promoted to chief petty officer. She hated being in one place for so long and began entertaining the notion of leaving the service. (gunnery-6)

3100 - mustered out with $22,000 and low passage to anywhere. Hired onto the first free trader that came through the system, Freya's Tears. The ship also picked up a new pilot that year - Austin Hafiz. Learned a lot about smuggling and received an additional $1000 bonus. (blade-1, gunnery-7)

3101 - Freya's Tears picked up a semi-regular route that took them to
Placidus (BACA569-14.) Picked up a new navigator named Els Ulfarsdottir. They became fast friends but never took the next step in their relationship. (gambling-1)

~~~~~SPOILERS BELOW!~~~~~~

3102 - the crappy doctor from the Lafayette (B564300-12) plague in 3097
arrived on board, and became Els's lover. Kasli wasn't pleased, and sparks flew between the two rivals. Captain Adolpho Bercini died in the middle of a charter contract negotiation, and Bennie pushed for Els to take over the ship. Kolodka and Austin refused the responsibility, and Kasli gladly agreed to back Els. (gambling-2)

3103 - (Freya’s Tears) - Hired to transport bio material to CG Hamilton R&D labs. Mechanical issues compromise a low berth and it’s discovered their cargo is children, not cloned material. Attempt to break contract results in a face off with a CGH war ship. Medic (Els’s girlfriend) Bennie Takahashi and Gunner Robb Pasqual mutiny and flee with the shuttle. Before FT could ram CGH, a Chadwick militia ship arrived to assist. CGH ship destroyed, FT crew heroes, ship is patched up and they reach for the sky.

3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Special Assignments: siege force on Eta Lyman, Iyapa (E613200-8)

Awards and Decorations: commendation for saving general's life at Lafayette (B564300-12)

Known Weaponry:
* 2 Siler Comprehensive double aught auto-pistols (Ginnungagap salvage)
* 2 Tommy Neil Dynamic gas-operated machine rifles (Ginnungagap salvage)

Pay Scale: $2,700/mth + 10% crew cut