Freya's Tears

Chief Kolodka Glebnovich

Name Kolodka Glebnovich

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Chief

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 54
Birthdate 11/14/3049
Birthplace Siler, Theta Paine, Galya (A7A8A85-16)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color iron gray
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Wears his hair in a crewcut, despite the gray that's taken over his head his eyebrows are still dark, usually has a three-day growth on his face giving him a grizzled appearance.

Clothing: is most comfortable in blue or gray maintenance coveralls, even when he's not working.

Tattoos: an amber necklace is tattooed across his neck and shoulders, rarely seen.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Conflict: lack of money and parts to do what he really wants to do with the ship.

Epiphany: ?
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: his engineering acumen and knowledge. He likens engineering to artistic expression and it shows in the work he does aboard ship.

Weaknesses: sometimes he can get too caught up in the artistic flairs, creating hardships in the long run.
Ambitions He's always enjoyed living on the fringes of society, first as a Merchant Marine and then aboard Freya's Tears. He wants to continue in this vein until he dies.

A secondary goal is to keep his ship and home going until he's gone.
Hobbies & Interests Anything to do with engineering. He's created a life doing what he loves.

Personal History 3049 - born on Siler, Theta Paine, Galya (A7A8A85-16,) an only child. By
the time he was three, he was taking things apart and putting them back
Service Record 3071 - enlisted in a megacorporation merchant line on a charter run, spent three years on charter and one on route. (mechanical-2, electronic-2, gravitics-1)

3075 - reenlisted in the mega merchant line, two years on route, one on
charter, one on speculative trade, passed test and was promoted to
Assistant Engineer. (engineering-3, gravitics-2, carousing-1)

3079 - reenlisted in the mega merchant line, two years on route, two years on speculative trade, passed test and was promoted to O3, Engineer. (engineering-5, gravitics-3, gambling-1)

3083 - reenlisted in the mega merchant line, three years on route, one on
exploratory trade which netted a $20,000 bonus. (electronic-3, carousing-2, vacc suit-1, blade-1)

3087 - transferred down to a subsector merchant line, two years route, one year charter, one year exploratory trade. (engineering-7, gravitics-4,

3091 - mustered out of service with $90,000, a laser carbine, and two high passage tickets to anywhere. (gravitics-5, mechanical-3, laser carbine gun combat-2, bribery-1)

3091 - took one high passage to Zeta Lyman sector, tramped around until he met Adolpho Bercini, captain aboard Freya's Tears. He hired on as an engineer. Spent the next three years conducting speculative trade, one year exploratory trade. (legal-1, engineering-8, admin-2, streetwise-1.)

3095 - signed another contract with Capt Bercini, two years exploratory
trade, one year charter contract, one year speculative trade, promoted to
chief engineer. (legal-2, bribery-2, trader-1, engineering-9)

3099 - signed a third contract with Capt Bercini, exploratory trade. (engineering-10)

3100 - spent the year smuggling goods, received a bonus of $15,000, two
new crew members signed on - Kasli Holt, senior gunner, and Austin
Hafiz, pilot. (mechanical-4)

3101 - Bercini contracted a trade route this year, signed on a new
navigator - Els Ulfarsdottir. (trader-2)

3102 - Capt Bercini died in the middle of charter contract negotiations, Els
and Austin knew how to command a ship, and Kolodka wanted no part of
it. Agreed to back whoever took up the calling. Els became the new captain, but Kolodka learned a lot about contract negotiations as the crew sat down with Els to work things out. (legal-3)

~~~~~SPOILERS BELOW!~~~~~~

3103 - (Freya’s Tears) - Hired to transport bio material to CG Hamilton R&D labs. Mechanical issues compromise a low berth and it’s discovered their cargo is children, not cloned material. Attempt to break contract results in a face off with a CGH war ship. Medic (Els’s girlfriend) Bennie Takahashi and Gunner Robb Pasqual mutiny and flee with the shuttle. Before FT could ram CGH, a Chadwick militia ship arrived to assist. CGH ship destroyed, FT crew heroes, ship is patched up and they reach for the sky.

3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Pay Scale: $4,000/mth + 20% crew cut