Freya's Tears

Engineer Hrothgar Ulfarsson

Name Hrothgar Ulfarsson

Position Tinkerer

Rank Engineer

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 25
Birthdate 8/12/3078
Birthplace Siler, Zeta Lyman, Placidus (BACA569-14)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color reddish blond
Eye Color green
Physical Description Wears his hair in a long curly mass which he pulls back in a tail when working on engines, fully trimmed beard.

Clothing: coveralls on board, trousers and tunics when planetside, prefers browns and creams and greens, goes all the way in cold weather with fur lined cloaks.

Scars: , severe shrapnel scars on upper legs from Ipaya (E613200-8) in 3100.

Tattoos: armband of runes tattooed on upper right arm with Raidho the most prominent.


Father Ulfar Bjornnson
Mother Ragna Sigurdsdottir
Sister(s) Elsibet Ulfarsdottir - 2 years older
Bis Ulfarsdottir - deceased (2 years younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Conflict: lack of money and parts to keep the ship.

Epiphany: sometimes money isn't everything.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: deep abiding love of family, strong loyalty toward friends.

Weaknesses: it's likely he'll do something stupid if his friends and family are in danger. He has a temper to match his hair color and has been known to explode.
Ambitions He wants to keep flying, keep tinkering with the ship and learn as much as possible from his friend and mentor, Kolodka Glebnovich.

In the future he hopes to find a wife and father a half dozen children, but that's not something he's focusing on right now.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering, tinkering with the engines. He's enamored of Kolodka's belief that engineering can be an artistic endeavor.

Personal History 3078 - born in Valhalla enclave of Placidus (BACA569-14), the middle of three children. Sister Elsibet is two years older, and sister Bis died at two from illness.

3094 - both parents died in a boating accident. He followed his sister, Els into the Zeta Lyman Sector Navy.
Service Record 3094 - followed Els into the Zeta Lyman Sector Navy as a crewman recruit. (mechanical, engineering)

3095 - entered intensive engineer training, promoted to crewman apprentice. (engineering 2)

3096 - went on patrol, easy duty, promoted to E3 - engineering 3

3097 - back into training, promoted to crewman. (mechanical 2)

3098 - reenlisted and sent into battle at Layafette (B564300-12) when a
military colony went into revolt. Decorated for valor, field promotion to petty officer second class. (zero g combat)

3099 - went on patrol, easy duty, promoted to petty officer first class. (engineering 4)

3100 - served on a strike force to Ipaya (E613200-8,) suffered massive
injuries from concussion grenades, nearly died. His sister served in a
different unit during the same battle, and they decided to get out of the Navy as soon as their enlistment terms were up. Promoted to chief petty officer. (instruction)

3101 - back on patrol, easy duty, promoted to senior chief petty officer. (engineering 5)

3102 - mustered out with $60,000 and high passage ticket to Sadal Suud
(A68A975-13) where he met Els and boarded Freya's Tears. He was hired as an assistant engineer to Kolodka Glebnovich.


3103 - (Freya’s Tears) - Hired to transport bio material to CG Hamilton R&D labs. Mechanical issues compromise a low berth and it’s discovered their cargo is children, not cloned material. Attempt to break contract results in a face off with a CGH war ship. Medic (Els’s girlfriend) Bennie Takahashi and Gunner Robb Pasqual mutiny and flee with the shuttle. Before FT could ram CGH, a Chadwick militia ship arrived to assist. CGH ship destroyed, FT crew heroes, ship is patched up and they reach for the sky.

3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Awards and Decorations:
* 3098 - for valor at Layafette (B564300-12)

Pay Scale: $2,000/mth + 10% crew cut