Freya's Tears

Gunner Tobias Worban

Name Tobias Worban

Position Big Guns

Rank Gunner

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 36
Birthdate 6/12/3067
Birthplace Siler, Eta Tenoch, Alvarad (A878643-7)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Wears his short hair in a high and tight, leaving the top long. Very buff due to lifting weights. Has long mustache flanking his mouth and down to chin.

Clothing: dresses in urban camouflage pants and t-shirts of varying colors and styles, boots, old-style black leather bomber jacket with fleece collar, pierced earrings.

Tattoos: tribal skull tattoo on left shoulder, kneeling bloody warrior tattoo on back


Mother Deceased
Brother(s) younger
Sister(s) older

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's a solid guy to have at your back, unlikely to ask questions when he should be muscling the competition. Though he appears to be nothing more than a strong-arm, his thoughts run deep. He has more military command experience and training than even the captain of his ship, and he's inclined to act--not react--in a hostile situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: good follow through, does his job well. An easy going "aw shucks" nature gives him decent camouflage in the back alleys and seedy bars the crew normally frequents.

Weaknesses: he likes a good fight and is quite competitive. If someone gets their back up and challenges him, he won't back down.
Ambitions He wants to live each day to the fullest...and kick Kasli's ass in their ongoing gunnery competition.
Hobbies & Interests Anything martial -- guns, knives, brawling. His collection of weapons is even more daunting than Kasli's, but only because he's had a few more years and a bit more money to spend on it.

Personal History 3067 - born on Siler, Theta Tenoch, Alvarad (A878643-7), the middle of three children. He has an older sister & younger brother. His mother died when he was nine, and he was forced to grow up early to take care of his family.
Service Record 3085 - enlisted in the Siler Confederated Navy at 18 years old. Lied about his age and educational experience to gain a commission as an ensign. Enjoyed a boring first year once past the first excitement of boot camp and officer school.  (ship's boat, mechanical)

3086 - received a promotion to Lieutenant. Was given advanced officer training in vacc suit and zero-g combat.  (navigation, engineering)

3087 - Got into a heated battle with pirates while evacuating the frontier Theta Paine, Galya system from an incursion of Praedler Imperial troops.  His ship was shot down, crash landing on a planet with an exotic atmosphere. With a little luck and a lot of quick thinking, he saved half his crew by scrounging through the damaged ship for materials and shoring up leaks. He received a commendation for acting above and beyond his duty. (endurance, gunnery, jack of all trades)

3088 - another battle, another crash landing, this one on a wild planetoid with hungry quadrupeds. Again he was able to save a handful of the crew, this time by locating a cave to hole up in until a rescue could be initiated. He fought and killed one of the quadrupeds with only a knife he picked up off a dead body, earning him the nickname of "Warrior Worban" among the troops. (endurance, blade, gunnery, navigation)

3089 - Re-enlisted in the Siler Confederated Navy. This year was a piece of cake compared to the previous two. He was sent to school to learn more about vacc suit repair. He spent a lot of his free time in the local officer's club, wining and dining the ladies. (vacc suit, mechanical, social)

3090 - Stationed on board a sub sector flag ship, he had another easy year of little action. (social, ship's boat, gunnery)

3091 - With all the education and mellow months, "Warrior Worban" easily aced the promotions panel, receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.  His first station after the change of rank put him in the Theta Paine subsector on Jingau, an easy layover where he spent a lot of time honing his skills and working out. (strength, gunnery, vacc suit, engineering)

3092 - The stability of remaining in the same post made him edgy. He applied for multiple courses over the year, attaining some level of skill in medical and small weapons. His division had a gunnery competition and he handily won it.  (gun, gunnery, medical)

3093 - Re-enlisted despite the growing distaste for the boring posts. His fears dried up when rebels on the planet where he was stationed (Jingau) began an uprising.  (Kasli Holt was also at this uprising.)  (endurance, gun, gunnery)

3094 - Shipped out to travel the stars, no fights appeared on the horizon. Easy year. He made friends with a blademaster and started work on his skills in that area. (strength, blade, gunnery)

3095 - Removed from his post due to political reasons. Seditionists from his homeworld started an uprising and all hands in the area were dispatched to it...except him. He ended up on a desk in a school because his superiors weren't sure he'd fight against his own people. Though annoyed with his commanding officers, he couldn't blame them -- his politics are more in line with the seditionists than the current government which was one of the reasons he left home. (dexterity, blade, engineering)

3096 - Remained at the desk job while the seditionist situation was gotten under control. He took courses to pass the time. (vacc suit, administration, education, blade)

3097 - Despite his disaffection with the choices his superiors made, he re-enlisted and took a promotion to Commander. He was shipped into another subsector -- Zeta Lyman -- where he assisted in relief efforts to Lafayette plague victims. (Kasli  Holt was also involved with this.)  (intelligence, gunnery, mechanical, engineering)

3098 - Spent the next year more behind a desk than doing any physical work. (intelligence, vacc suit, jack of all trades, administration)

3099 - Bored with upper management, he began to think it was time to leave the military. No action in sight. He keeps up his strength and dexterity by working out rather than using his skills.  (intelligence, gun, engineering, computer)

3100 - His final year of boredom and he marked the calendar. He saved his money to muster out and get some hands on action. (education, gun, jack of all trades, administration)

3101 - Mustering out of the Confederated Navy, he receives $22,000, 2 blades, intelligence and high passage to anywhere he wanted. Four enlistments of four years each resulted in a lifetime membership into the Traveller's Club--the freedom to call upon any military outpost and deadhead a ride.

3102 - Bums around, getting the lay of the land. He picks up random muscle jobs here and there. He has a good head on his shoulders and an imposing build, both suit him well as a bouncer or bodyguard. But he misses space. He works until he's saved enough money, then buys a ticket to another dustball, searching for a good ship and good people.

3103 - hires on with Freya's Tears out of Chadwick, replacing their mutinous gunner, Robb Pasqual


3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Awards and Decorations:
* 3087 - Siler, Theta Paine, Galya - kept himself & his remaining crew alive with ingenuity and hard work after his ship crash landed on an uninhabitable planet.
* 3092 - Siler, Theta Paine, Jingau - won the division gunnery competition.

Known Weaponry:
* 1 Siler Comprehensive double aught auto-pistols (Ginnungagap salvage)
* 1 Arrones rapid fire 2000 auto-pistol (Ginnungagap salvage)
* 2 Tommy Neil Dynamic gas-operated machine rifles (Ginnungagap salvage)

Pay Scale: $700/mth + 10% crew cut