Freya's Tears

CompSys Tech Naya Prashad

Name Naya Prashad

Position Computer Guru Extraordinaire

Rank CompSys Tech

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 36
Birthdate 12/15/3067
Birthplace Siler, Zeta Lyman, Rivera (C544437-4)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Wears her hair long. Dimples when she smiles - tons of personality.

Clothing: likes colors — the bolder and deeper the color, the better. Tends toward girlie outfits - dresses and skirts, peasant blouses - except when on duty. She’ll wear ship coveralls when working on the computers or standing a bridge watch…but there will be some sort of brightly colored accessory involved.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being in her mid-thirties, Naya comes off as a teenager in her manner and demeanor. She always has a smile and a kind word. Her sense of humor runs toward the cute and prankish.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Not much gets her down.

Weaknesses: Her avid curiosity can be her downfall. Once she gets a question in her mind, she stops at nothing to get answers.
Ambitions Living life and having fun are paramount to her. Discovering new people, places and experiences are the ultimate goal. If she ever feels like her life is becoming repetitious or stale, she'll quit and move on.
Hobbies & Interests She's interested in mechanical engineering and electrical systems though she doesn't have the acumen for them. She'd love to spend time in the ship's engine room, but no one trusts here there.

Personal History 3067 - born the only child of miners on Siler, Zeta Lyman, Rivera. The planetary population barely topped six hundred, the majority of people working corporate mining jobs in the system's asteroids or collecting fuel from the many gas giants.

Naya was extremely intelligent and overly curious for her community. She seemed to be in constant trouble as she bucked the system, always with a sweet smile. She didn’t want to mine for a living, she wanted to see the stars.

3085 - Though her education was spotty, she applied to several prestigious colleges off world. Her intelligence and tenacity paid off when she received a four year scholarship to a community college in a nearby system.
Service Record 3089 - Upon graduation, she applied to the Explorers Guild, an organization that specializes in searching out new scientific knowledge. She chose to focus on computers in her first year of training, also learning piloting and administrative skills. (Admin, computers, pilot)

3090 - Her attention to detail and excellence resulted in a promotion to junior administrator and entry into the prestigious Explorers Pilot Training program. (pilot)

3091 - Assigned to a Explorer base in the Siler, Epsilon subsector, she continued with her computer work and piloting, earning another promotion to Administrator. (Computer, pilot)

3092 - A boring year of base duty, all routine. Despite the lack of excitement, she received another promotion - GP Administrator - and more experience with computers. (Computer, jack of all trades)

3093 - Naya re-enlisted in the Explorers Guild and requested a transfer to another base, one closer to the action. The Guild field teams had stretched deep into the Epsilon sub sector, and she was posted to a space station on the frontier. There was a pirate attack, and Naya helped defend the station by jumping into a gun turret for the first time. She received a promotion to Senior Administrator. (Medic, gunnery)

3094 - There was a malfunction with the gravimetrics on the station. She assisted with repairs as well as provided medical assistance to those guild members injured by the problem. She received a promotion to Guild Commander. (Medical, gravimetrics)

3095 - Another attack by pirates resulted in serious damage to the station at which she was posted. Pirates were able to dock and began a boarding operation which she and her comrades eventually repelled. Afterward, she was promoted to Guild Leader. (Computer, gun combat)

3096 - When given an opportunity to expand her computer training, she jumped at it. The Explorers transferred her back into regulated space to attend school. (Computer)

3097 - Graduating with honors from her computer courses, she received a promotion to Senior Guild Leader. She was stationed on the edge of the Siler Republic, Zeta Lyman sub sector, as an administrative aide to the Sector Guild Leader. (Computer, jack of all trades)

3098 - a boring year of administrative details. Nothing like the four years she’d spent on the frontier.

3099 - Her immediate superior retired from the service, leaving Naya to take over as Sector Guild Leader. She became responsible for the activities of the Guild throughout the entire Zeta Lyman sub sector. She used her newfound freedom to take a tour of the sub sector, piloting her own ship. (Computer, pilot)

3100 - Back at her station, she chafed at the responsibility and boredom inherent in her position. She’d reached the pinnacle of the Explorers Guild and hadn’t really gotten to explore the universe as she’d always wanted to do. (pilot)

3101 - With both trepidation and excitement, she mustered out of the Explorers Guild. If she ever decides to go back, she'll be welcomed with open arms. Leaving the guild, she received $80,000 and a set of pistols with the Explorer's Guild symbol stamped on the hand guards.

Making her way in the real world became quite the education. She fell in with a group of forgers, using her computer skills to create fake papers for clients. There were a few skirmishes that she used her new pistols in, to some success. Deciding forgery probably wasn’t the way to go, she hopped planet, leaving those friends behind in her search for something else. (Forgery, gun combat, jack of all trades)

3102 - On another planet, she found a legitimate job working on speeders. She gained an understanding of electronics as she repaired the vehicles, saving money to move on to greener grass. (Vehicle (speeder,) electronics 2)

3103 - Unbeknownst to her, the owner of the garage had been using his business as a front for a theft ring. She’d been inadvertently assisting him with receiving stolen vehicles and chopping them for the parts. When she discovered what was occurring, she became angry. It was one thing to do illegal things by choice and quite another to be duped into the activity. She used her computer skills to hack her boss’s files, turning them over to the authorities. During the resulting police raid, she had to protect herself.( Vehicle (speeder,) computer, gun combat)

Now with no job and soured by the planet, Naya gathered her savings and looked for a way off-planet. Checking wanted ads at the star port, she applied with Freya’s Tears and received a posting as comp sys.


3103 - (Ginnungagap) - ONGOING
Special Notes Known Weaponry:
* Set of Explorer's Guilt pistols with symbol stamped into hand guards.

Pay Scale: $1,800/mth + 10% crew cut