Freya's Tears

About Freya's Tears

I love Star Trek. I love Firefly. I love gaming. I love writing. This website is a culmination of all these loves, rolled into one big fuzzy space opera ball!

A couple of years ago I published Freya's Tears through Bella Books, a romping adventure with Captain Els Ulfarsdottir and her malcontent crew. It wasn't one of the greatest books I've written, but it was close to my heart.

After writing several other stories since then, I felt a hankering to get back into Els's world and see where she was. I wrote this book for me and I had a terrific time doing it too! Now I'm sharing it with you!

In the future there will be more adventures for the people you met in the original book. As I write them, they'll be posted here for anyone who wants to read them. That's right! Free, fresh content! WOOT!

And maybe Els will get her head out of her ass and actually seduce Kasli, huh? We can only hope...

Happy Reading!

D Jordan Redhawk
January 1st, 2016