Freya's Tears

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Chapter Nine - Fuel Dump

Mission: Book Two - Ginnungagap
Location: New Pacifica - Freya's Tears
Timeline: Day Thirteen

Austin’s urgent voice jerked Els from slumber with a snort. “Skipper! Wake up!”

She immediately regretted the abrupt movement as pain lanced through her neck. Groaning, she massaged the muscle with a wince, blearily realizing she’d fallen asleep at her desk.


Els attempted a response, emitting nothing but a croak as she unfolded herself from her chair. She cleared her throat, scowling at the ship monitor. “Ja, I’m here.”

“They found one! Naya’s found an intact fuel dump. Enough to top off our tanks.”

Austin’s unnatural exuberance almost drowned out Els’s relief at the news. She didn’t think she’d heard him this excited about anything since…ever. She cleared her throat again and checked the time. It was four hours into the current shift. “How long will it take us to reach their location?”

After a moment’s pause, Austin said, “We’re looking at about three hours, give or take. Kasli says its in a tight spot; we won’t be able reach it with the ship. We’ll have to grapple the tank out with the shuttle to access it.”

Els rubbed her face, forcing her inert mind into action. Good thing Austin was scheduled for the next shuttle shift. Having her hotshot pilot at the helm during what might be a delicate operation would be a boon. “All right. Tell them to tag it and keep scouting. Rendezvous with us when we arrive in the vicinity.”

“Will do. Bridge out.”

A mighty yawn made her jaws crack. She’d only had about two hours of sleep but doubted she’d get more. Rather than succumb to the desire for another and more comfortable nap, she continued to rub the crick in her neck as she sat back down, accessing the sensor data. Before they arrived at the designated coordinates, she wanted a better look at the vital task ahead.


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