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    The (mostly) accurate and (mostly) legal cargo manifest of Freya's Tears.
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    General information re: size and programming of various images and tables used throughout this site.

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Welcome to the primary resource database for Freya's Tears! Here is where you'll find all the information that is used to write the series -- planets, languages and technology. Just click on the icons below to see what information is available for your techno-dweeb perusal!


By exploring this wiki, you will run across spoilers! Enter at your own risk!

Happy Reading!


A collection of language, cultural and additional resources used in the creation of this series and the maintenance of this website.

Organizations & Governments

Information regarding various organizations and governments that the crew of Freya's Tears encounter during their adventures.


Descriptions and images of internal ships' systems and other technology.

Ship Database

Schematics and specifications for ships encountered throughout the series.

Planetary Database

Descriptions and images of each planet encountered in the series.

System Database

The hard science description of each planetary system.

Cargo Manifest

The ongoing cargo manifest of Freya's Tears--the locations and transactions of goods purchased and sold.