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Bertuin (A746796-8)

Created by Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir on 27 May 2015 @ 8:09am

"A slight breeze ruffled her hair as the exterior atmosphere blew into the airlock. The air caused her eyes to sting a little, but she couldn’t smell much through the breather strapped across her nose and mouth. Considering the tainted atmosphere on Bertuin, that was a good thing. Sunlight was dimmer here than on other planets, and it made Els’s eyes ache until she adjusted to the fact that the orange ball in the sky wasn’t setting but giving its full illumination."

Excerpt: Freya's Tears


* Impersonal bureaucracy, starport, high population, tainted atmo requires breathers & air tight dwellings and businesses.

* Port docking charges - c475 w/c45 port tax per day - no hookups.

* Pleafore is the name of the capitol city on the planet.

Categories: Planetary Database