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Cargo Manifest

Created by Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir on 04 Jun 2015 @ 1:05am

Ship Name: Freya's Tears Registration #: AG-3512227
Ship Type: Scout/Hauler Cargo Tonnage: 60 tons Homeworld: Theta Lyman, Sadal Suud (A68A975-13)

Cargo List:

Trade Goods List
Tons Goods CR World CR World
35 appliances 350K Indukala 0 Evan Hyland
20 20 low berths 0 Bertuin 500K Chadwick
-----6 months passage of time--pick up with Ginnungagap-----
60 PX goods 650K Azteca C582 1.250Mil Lafayette
1 aviation tires 30K Lafayette 50K
12TB digital courier files O Lafayette 0 (Bliss) Siler Republic
.5 medical auto-bed 0 Salvage, Kusanagi 500K Britecos
0 Biru ruby necklace 0 Salvage, Kusanagi 450K  
.5 36 Tommy Neil Dynamic gas-operated machine rifles 0 Salvage, Kusanagi 1.6Mil Britecos
.5 multiple styles of handguns 0 Salvage, Kusanagi 900K Britecos
* 250 .45 automatic pistols (450CR apiece)
* 249 Arrones rapid fire 2000 (750CR apiece)
* 250 MPR Backup Micro Carry pistols (1000CR apiece)
* 247 Siler Comprehensive double aughts (1500CR apiece)
1 personal goods - luggage, clothing, accoutrements 0 Salvage, Kusanagi 5K  

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