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Rushes System

Created by Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir on 05 Jun 2015 @ 8:23am

Rushes is the system of the planet Britecos.

* Lieutenant Ofsike with the Britecos Air Force - lead escort of ship to planet.
* Captain Salfe Resys, First Platoon, 165th Militia Company, 12th Brigade, Britecos Militia. (Army) - met and apprehended crew upon first landing.
* Britecos Council consists of Oswan (chair,) Walden, Ganith, Javare & Lainal.
* Doctor David Harriman & Doctor Quintin Maurer belong to the Governmental Scientific Board.

* 3103 (Ginnungagap) - Freya's Tears arrived in system to discover the origin of the invaders that had been wrecking havoc throughout adjoining systems.

System Name (Hex): Britecos (1416+6) Subsector/Sector: Zeta Lyman / Siler
Star Name: Rushes Spectrum & Size: G-Yellow, Bright Supergiant



Orbit Name Statistics Notes
3 Guawean   mined for ores
5     hydrogen gas
7 Britecos A457783-9 led by council of five
9     liquid nitrogen

Britecos (A457783-9

* Excellent quality star port, starship construction.
* Small to medium size.
* Thin atmosphere.
* 70% water.
* Tens of millions population.
* Civil service bureaucracy.
* Machine guns & automatic rifles prohibited.
* Tech level has reached ablative armor & early model jump drives.

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