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Marquis/Yves System

Created by Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir on 01 Jul 2015 @ 8:16am

Marquis / Yves is the system of the planet Layafette (B564300-12).

* Tzeuin dolls (small hollow dolls that nest within each other) are illegal here.

* 2097 - Freya's Tears gunner, Kasli Holt, was here during her Siler Republic Confederate Navy days to assist with a plague. Former medic, Bennie Takahashi, was here at the same time to assist with the medical emergency. * 3103 (Ginunngagap) - Book Two opens with the ship's arrival here to deliver sixty tons of cargo to the PX.

System Name (Hex): Marquis/Yves (1116+5) Subsector/Sector: Zeta Lyman / Siler
Star Name:Marquis / Yves Spectrum & Size: both Orange V


Orbit Name Statistics Notes
2     1 ring, planetoid
3     2 rings
6 Lafayette B564300-12 military colony
7     gas giant
9     gas giant
11     gas giant

Lafayette has a standard atmosphere, 40% water and low humidity. Two small satellites. Approximately 400 population, all military or support staff — an outpost in a well populated neighborhood. The star port is of good quality installation capabilities, but no starship construction.

Gray rock planet w/green sky.

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